Action Steps!Another week on a roll! It’s such an awesome feeling when you’re working on something you love to do! It’s been a really long time since I’ve had the feeling of wanting to work on my blogs over going out. Now if only I could get this pesky little thing called “a job” out of the way ;)

Anyways, onto my action steps for the week:

  • Through the help of my Mastermind group, I came up with a new name for this site. As much as I love the name Cats & Starfish, it just wasn’t descriptive enough with my tagline (which I love) for the site. Also, I want to save the word ‘Starfish‘ for my next project as it makes more sense to use it there. So soon enough, it will be resurrected. In the meantime, this blog will now be known as A Life Set Free as it seems to resonate more with the mission of this site.
  • I bought my NEW domain name! This site is now going to be located at!
  • I spent the better part of Sunday configuring the theme for It’s really a robust theme from WooThemes and I highly recommend them.
  • I also went through almost all our posts on CityVids and added images and edited them. Still have to finish this up…
  • I re-did my About Me page and am editing the About this Site page.
  • I added the following plugins: Subscribe to Comments Reloaded and CommentLuv.
  • I finally added my site to Feedburner and added my new social media/subscribe icons to the sidebar. Now you can subscribe to this site via email!

2 Lessons learned from this week’s action steps

  • Can’t say enough about the benefits of a Mastermind group
  • Nothing like a little passion to keep the momentum going!
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As always, I enjoy your participation at A Life Set Free!

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7 Responses

  1. Jo@simplybeingmum on 13 Dec 2010

    Hi Marianne – all looking good! Will be checking in to see how things are progressing – Jo

    • marianney on 13 Dec 2010

      Hi Jo! Thanks for stopping by again. Fyi, you can now subscribe via email or RSS….if you so wish! :)

  2. Katie on 30 Dec 2010

    Just curious – where did you get your social media icons / subscribe icons? I love them.

  3. Katie on 30 Dec 2010

    By the way, your comment luv doesn’t seem to work. Just an FYI. Cheers, Katie

    • marianney on 30 Dec 2010

      oh darn it, it was just working yesterday. will look into it, thanks for the heads up!

      • marianney on 30 Dec 2010

        oh weird! it works now! i wonder if it was having a glitch when you posted. :/

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